About Videdia

Videdia is your video encyclopedia where the learning is easy because you learn with videos. Watch a few quick videos and become knowledgeable about any topic. Feed your curiosity, learn for the sake of learning, or start down the path to becoming an expert in any topic. Videdia is the place to learn and get informed!

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How to Use Videdia

To find a Topic on Videdia, use the Search function in the upper right corner of every page, or visit one of the Tables of Contents:

After visiting your topic, take the following steps:

  1. If you like a particular video, visit the video’s channel. Subscribe to the channel if you want to see new content or to show your support.
  2. Search YouTube and Google for more information on the topic.
  3. Look for related videos. If you pull up the video in YouTube, then YouTube will often recommend related videos.

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