Aging – Surprising ways to age gracefully

Everyone ages as they live their lives. By Why? Why do we all get old, frail and wrinkled?

The Science of Aging
Why do our bodies age? – Monica Menesini
Why We Age – And How We Can Stop It
Oxygen is Killing You

Slowing Aging

How to Slow Aging (and even reverse it)
This Harvard Professor Explains the Secret to Aging in Reverse | David Sinclair on Health Theory
How Much Exercise It Takes To Slow The Effects Of Aging

Aging well

The Secret to Successful Aging | Cathleen Toomey | TEDxPiscataquaRiver
Maintaining Mobility as we Age A Key to Aging Successfully
The Art of Aging Well
Mastering time: A key to successful ageing: Claire Steves at TEDxKingsCollegeLondon

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