Alamo Drafthouse – Invented a new way to watch movies

Alamo Drafthouse invented a new way to experience movies in a movie theater. By combining movies with food and drink, customers could get more out of the theater experience. It is an entrepreneurial way to reconceptualize movies.

A great interview that helps to understand Alamo Drafthouse

How Alamo Drafthouse is redefining the cinema experience
Alamo Drafthouse Cinema opening soon in Lubbock
BEST Movie Theater Ever? Alamo Drafthouse Los Angeles Tour

CEO Tim League explains to origins of Alamo Drafthouse in 1996

Origins of Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, Entrepreneurship Live! | Innovation Capsule
Quickfire questions with Alamo Drafthouse Co-founder, Entrepreneurship Live! | Innovation Capsule
What is Alamo Drafthouse? [2012]
Alamo Drafthouse: Entrepreneurial Cinema – SXSW V2V 2013
Tim League – Co-Founder of Alamo Drafthouse Interview
Alamo Drafthouse | Tim League | Talks at Google
Alamo Drafthouse’s unique spin on the movie theater
Love what you do | Tim League | TEDxKalamata

The “Don’t Talk” rule at Alamo Drafthouse

Tim League on the “Don’t Talk” tradition
Angry Voicemail We Got From an Alamo Drafthouse Customer

Re-opening Alamo Drafthouse during COVID-19/Coronavirus

Alamo Draft House prepares for re-opening
Alamo Drafthouse CEO on reopening theaters amid the pandemic
Alamo Drafthouse’s Tim League on plans to reopen theaters

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