Antidepressants – How they work, do they work

When a person gets depressed, the problem often resolves itself. But if not, a doctor may prescribe antidepressants.

Making Sense of Antidepressants & Health | The History, Logic and Current Science
4 Common Misconceptions About Antidepressants, Debunked
3 Baffling Depression Treatments and Why They Might Work
Pharmacology – ANTIDEPRESSANTS – SSRIs, SNRIs, TCAs, MAOIs, Lithium ( MADE EASY)

Going on Antidepressants

Taking Antidepressants For The First Time
I’m going on antidepressants

Getting Better Sleep

The Secret for the Perfect Sleep and Easy Morning Wake-Up
What is the best sleeping position?
What’s the Best Position to Sleep in? Do we even need a Pillow?

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