Atomic Clocks – Most precise clocks in the world

The most precise clocks that human beings make today are atomic clocks, which precisely count the vibrations of specific atoms. The GPS system relies on atomic clocks aboard each GPS satellite. There is even an atomic clock in Colorado that can broadcast the precise time by radio to the entire United States.

How an atomic clock works, and its use in the global positioning system (GPS)
How Do Atomic Clocks Work?
Inside The Most Precise Atomic Clock in the World
The NIST-F2 Atomic Clock: How does it work?
NOVA | The Amazing Atomic Clock
How Long Is One Second, Really?

WWVB Atomic Clock Radio Station and Radio Controlled Clocks that Receive Its Signal

Decoding Radio Time Signal From An Atomic Clock MSF UK 60kHz
Atomic Clocks – WHY don’t Radio Controlled Atomic Clocks work in buildings?
How Does a Radio Controlled Clock Work?
WWVB Signal Station and Atomic Clock Demonstration

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