AT&T Long Lines Building in New York City

The AT&T Long Lines Building in New York City is an enormous windowless concrete skyscraper build in the copper wire telephone era to handle long distance calls in and out of New York City. It is rumored that the building is strong enough to withstand a nuclear blast.
AT&T Long Lines Building – Windowless Skyscraper That Can Withstand a Nuclear Blast
What’s Inside the Building Tom Hanks Calls the Most Terrifying in the World?
The Secret Behind the Huge, Windowless Skyscraper in NYC
Mysterious NYC skyscraper owned by AT&T nerve center of NSA mass surveillance programs

Another aspect of long lines – Microwave repeaters

AT&T Long Lines – Cold War Mystery SOLVED!
AT&T Archives: Single Sideband, a 1977 film about microwave transmission

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