Blue Whales

Blue Whales are the largest creatures on Planet Earth ever.

Blue Whales 101
How Large Are Blue Whales Really? Size Comparison
Closest whale encounters
How Whales Became The Largest Animals Ever

The Blue Whale at the Royal Ontario Museum

ROM installs world’s first preserved Blue Whale heart
Video: How a 90-tonne blue whale carcass from Newfoundland ended up at the Royal Ontario Museum

Blue Whales Feeding

Sardine Feeding Frenzy: Whale, Shark, Dolphin and Sea Lions
See Blue Whales Lunge For Dinner in Beautiful Drone Footage

Blue Whales almost went extinct due to whaling, and are now threatened by shipping

WSPA – exposing the cruelty of whaling activities
Japan commercial whaling: Outdated cruelty or sacred tradition?
Whaling (1940-1949)
Whales And Whalermen (1957)
What’s Killing Blue Whales?
(ship collisions)
What If We Never Started Hunting Whales?

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