Collapse of San Francisco

Will San Francisco (and perhaps the Bay Area) collapse? In 2020 there is a definite exodus occurring, and there are other notable problems. Could San Francisco become the next Detroit?

The Collapse of American Cities Has Started. And Yours Is Next
“The Unraveling of America: Is This the End of the American Empire?” | Amanpour and Company
San Francisco is expected to lose $10.7 billion dollars in tourism spending
San Francisco turned ghost town? Here’s how empty the city really is
San Francisco Residents PANIC, Realtors SHOCKED At Massive Exodus As SF Collapses
San Francisco Renters Break Leases, Flee City
More People Considering Moving Out Of Expensive Cities If They Can Work Remotely | TODAY
San Francisco is a Sh*thole
The Hidden Homelessness Crisis In California (HBO)
Making rent in Silicon Valley

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