Concorde (Supersonic airplane)

In its heyday the Concorde jet was the ultimate way to travel. It was the only way for a normal human to fly at supersonic speeds, and could fly from Europe to the United States over the Atlantic ocean in three hours at Mach 2, or twice the speed of sound.

This plane could cross the Atlantic in 3.5 hours. Why did it fail?
FACTS you should know about CONCORDE! Episode 1 by CAPTAIN JOE
(part 2)(part 3)
Concorde – Supersonic Marvel
Concorde Flight-New York to London with detailed Captain’s commentary 2003
How the Crash of Flight 4590 Destroyed Concorde’s Mystique
Why Planes Don’t Fly Faster

The U.S. Supersonic plane that never was

Why You Never Got to Fly The American Concorde: The 2707 SST Story

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