OK, no one wants to talk about this, but sometime human beings get constipated. It can be incredibly uncomfortable, sometimes even dangerous.

What causes constipation? – Heba Shaheed
Constipation Crisis!
Constipation: what is it? who gets it? how is it prevented and treated?
Digestive System, Part 1: Crash Course A&P #33
(Part 2)
Constipation and the Colon – Mayo Clinic
Protein Shakes Make You Fat & Constipated

Curing Constipation

1 Cup a Day Will Clear Your Waste Away – Dr Alan Mandell, DC
Keto Diet vs. Constipation: Science-Backed Solutions | Thomas DeLauer
? Keto and Constipation: 3 things to know
How to Relieve Constipation Naturally
9 Constipation Life Hacks That Actually Work | Hack My Life #20

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