Derinkuyu underground city – Unbelievable city for 20,000 people carved from underground rock

The Derinkuyu underground city is an unbelievable, enormous underground construction in Derinkuyu, Turkey. Discovered accidentally, it consists of 13 levels going 280 feet deep and it is thought it could have housed up to 20,000 people. How did all of these people breath? There are ventilation shafts to bring in fresh air. See this article for more details. You can go inside this amazing underground city with these great videos:

Explore Turkey’s Hidden Underground City
The Massive Ancient Underground City of Derinkuyu & The Amazing Scorpion Filled Tunnels of Cu Chi
Incredible Underground City in Cappadocia! || Travel Turkey
Derinkuyu Underground City – Ancient Mega City
The Mysterious Derinkuyu Underground City in Ancient Cappadocia, Turkey – 10,000 BC | Megalithomania
Visiting The Derinkuyu Underground City In Cappadocia

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