Donald Trump – A look back at the former president’s beginnings

Donald Trump has been many people, including a real estate mogul, a reality TV host, and the president of the United States.


Donald Trump Biography: What Happened Before the White House?
1980s: How Donald Trump Created Donald Trump
1990s: After Bankruptcies, Donald Trump Goes From Building To Branding
Donald Trump Documentary A&E Biography

Real Estate Mogul

The Real Story Behind Donald Trump’s Wealth
Behind Trump’s Billions: How He Really Got His Real Estate

The Apprentice

2000s: ‘Apprentice’ Helps Donald Trump Finally Launch A White House Bid | NBC News
The Apprentice, Intro Season 1, Donald Trump
The Apprentice – The Entire 1st Season in 10 minutes
How ‘The Apprentice’ Manufactured Trump

President of the United States

Why Trump Won the Election – (ANALYSIS)
Trump’s Road to the White House (full film) | FRONTLINE
Trump’s Entire Campaign in 10 Minutes!
The first 100 days of Donald Trump’s presidency

Criminal Activities

Donald Trump’s business links to the mob – BBC Newsnight
Opinion | Money laundering may help explain Donald Trump’s curious relationship with Russia
Report: Russian Mob Money Helped Build Donald Trump Business Empire
How Donald Trump Got Involved in a Global Fraud
David Cay Johnston: President Donald Trump Is A Criminal Level Tax Cheat | Hardball | MSNBC
Michael Cohen Alleges President Donald Trump Committed Numerous Crimes | All In | MSNBC
10 of Donald Trump’s Business That Completely Failed

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