Drone Killing – Amazing ideas for defending against drone attacks

Drones are increasingly popular and becoming more and more popular. But they are also becoming more dangerous. Terrorists could do a lot of damage with a drone swarm.

Tech’s Most Controversial Startup Makes Drone-Killing Robots
How to Shoot Down a Drone | WIRED
DRONE DOME™ secures airspace against hostile drones
Rafael’s Multi layered Air & Missile Defense
C-Dome – Rafael’s Naval Point Defense
US Navy’s new drone-killing laser
Watch Lockheed Martin’s laser beam system burn drones out of the sky
Oceanside Gets “Drone Killer” | San Diego Union-Tribune

Examples of Potential Drone Threats

Angel Has Fallen || Drones Attack Scene in HD
Concerns over how drones could threaten national security
Witnessing An ISIS Drone Attack | The New York Times
Israeli drones fire tear gas as clashes erupt at Gaza-Israel border protests

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