Drone Taxis

It seems like cities will be inundated any day now with flying taxi drones that carry people around town with zero traffic. We are almost there…

Several years ago, 10 million people saw a vision of the future showing Dubai’s proposed taxi drone

Drone Taxi Dubai

And the Lilium Jet

The Lilium Jet five seater all-electric air taxi

The Ehang 184 drone looks like it would make the vision real

EHANG 184 – The World’s First Passenger Taxi Drone
See The First Drone Passenger Taxi Transportation
Inside a drone taxi in China | Ep. 1

Uber has entered the field as well

Uber’s Electric Flying Taxis | NEW Battery Breakthroughs!
Uber’s air taxi revealed at CES 2019 | What The Future
UBERAIR: Closer than you think | Uber
Fly inside Uber’s new air taxi cabin

This fuel cell drone claims a range of 400 miles, and holds 5 passengers

Alaka’i Skai – Hydrogen powered VTOL air taxi
New hydrogen-powered air taxi produces zero emissions – TomoNews

Boeing is also in the space

Boeing air taxi completes first test flight | What The Future


Why Personal Flying Machines Could Be the Future of Commuting

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