Dubai has the tallest building in the world, giant man-made islands, and an unbelievable amount of money and luxury. Tourists flock to Dubai’s attractions from around the world.

Dubai – The Most Luxurious City In The World
Dubai’s TOP attractions in 2019 (from XLine to the Burj Khalifa)
[4K] 4 Days in Dubai. Must See Places on Your First Visit in Dubai – 2019 UAE
Dubai ?? | MOST Prosperous, Luxurious and Fantastic City in the World. 2020 4K
Why Is Dubai So Rich?

Drone views of Dubai

DUBAI from drone 4K
Palm Jumeirah frond M

History of Dubai

How Dubai was made | History of Dubai (2020)
Oil Money – Desert to Greatest City – Dubai – Full Documentary on Dubai city
Dubai 1950 to 2020 | the beautiful of Dubai || dubai history


Dubai: An Absolute Mess!
Why is Dubai called a Fake City , or Vegas on Steroids !?

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