Element 115 (Moscovium)

Element 115 (also known as Moscovium) is a man-made element in the Periodic Table that has 115 protons in the nucleus. It gained a bit of notoriety because UFO/alien afficianadoes have been talking about it since the 1980s.

The Making of Moscovium: Element 115
Moscovium – Periodic Table of Videos
Researchers confirm new element 115 after atoms collide

What UFO/alien aficionados are saying

Ancient Aliens: Element 115 (Season 11, Episode 13) | History
Bob Lazar: Area 51, Element 115 Alien Gravity Propulsion – Could it work? Fluxliner
“It Can Be Weaponized”: Jeremy Corbell & Bob Lazar Claim Element 115 is Dangerous

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