Engineering Disasters

Engineers are human, meaning that they can make mistakes too. The difference is that engineering mistakes can often have massive side effects.
Worst Engineering Disasters – Engineering Fails Documentary
FAMOUS Engineering Disasters
Forklift Driver Causes an Entire Warehouse to Fall like Dominoes
(pretty common apparently, and there are two more events in this video. The engineering problem here is the lack of any redundancy or extra capacity so that the loaded structure can survive the loss of a single support member.)
How The 8th Wonder Of The World Failed Due To An Engineering Oversight |Massive Engineering Mistakes
One of the Worst Man-Made Disasters in History
Citicorp Center | NYC skyscraper saved by a student’s question
Hurricane Katrina damage – aerials of Mississippi destruction
San Francisco high-rise is sinking and leaning
New Project Aims To Reinforce, Level Out Millennium Tower

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