Evaluating Startup Ideas

In order to move forward, a startup needs an idea. Sometimes a startup starts with one idea, and then needs another idea because the first one does not work out. Ideas come though: a) ideation and then b) an evaluation process.

Kevin Hale – How to Evaluate Startup Ideas
How to Get and Test Startup Ideas – Michael Seibel
Validate your business idea: THE LEAN STARTUP by Eric Ries
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Validate Startup Ideas with Landing Pages – The Lean UX Approach
Validation: Be Sure Your Startup Vision Isn’t a Hallucination. 2 Minutes to See Why
How I: Validated my idea in 2 days (with no code)
How Investors Think About Ideas – Wufoo Cofounder Kevin Hale
What Makes The Top 10% Of Founders Different? – Michael Seibel

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