Faster-than-Wind Sailing – Yes, a sail craft can for faster than its wind

We all know about sailboats. There are also sail cars – cars powered by the wind through sails or propellers. So the question is, can a sailboat or sail car travel faster than the wind is blowing? Suprisingly, the answer is yes. But how?

Wind powered car that goes faster than wind
Downwind Faster than the Wind (DWFTTW) Myth Challenge
Land Yacht Travels Faster than the Wind: DDWFTTW
How do sailboats sail faster than the wind??
The Sail That Travels Faster Than the Wind | The Tech Race
How to sail faster than the wind – Apparent wind

Fastest Sailboat

Always On – Flying on the world’s fastest sailboat

Physics of Sailing

How Does A Sailboat Actually Work?
The Physics of Sailing | KQED QUEST

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