We see big fireworks displays on the 4th of July obviously, but also on New Years’ Eve, and at many amusement parks, state fairs and other large gatherings. Fireworks light up the night sky with showers of light.

How Do Fireworks Work?
How It’s Made: Fireworks
How Fireworks Work: Ball Shells
Pyrotechnics Pro Explains the Art of a Massive Fireworks Show | WIRED
The Science Of Firework Color
Top 10 Weird & Amazing Shell Fireworks !!

Amateur Fireworks

Our 4th of July Fireworks at the Lake! ABSOLUTE INSANITY
The most INSANE amateur fireworks show you’ve ever seen!

Largest Fireworks

420kg Giant Firework Shell Story | The YONSHAKUDAMA

Fireworks-like displays using drones

‘Similar to fireworks, but a lot cooler.’ Watch Intel’s effort to break drone record
How Intel Made Its World Record-Breaking Drone Show

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