Gaming Chairs

If you are excited about computer games, or if you just use your computer all day and want to be more comfortable, a gaming chair can help. But for real hard core gaming, the evolution of gaming chairs has take humanity into the stratosphere, as you will see below:

This costs way less than you’d think
(Asus deluxe gaming chair, AKA Thronos)
The ULTIMATE $30,000 Gaming PC Setup
This could be the desk of the future
Ultimate Gaming Bed for a Real Lazy Gamers
What It’s Like Working in a $5,000 Bed-Desk
(Zero-Gravity Desk)
My Pc Chair: Emperor 1510 Replica. DIY! (Mostly Slideshow)
Best Gaming Tech 2018 – 5 awesome motion sims every gamer wants
Top VR Motion Chairs Virtual Reality

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