Giant Kites – Unbelievable, amazing kites of massive size

Kites are fun and amazing. Giant kites take it to the next level. These videos highlight giant kites at well-known kite festivals.

Biggest Kite Festival in Europe | Up in the Air in Berck-sur-Mer, France
Octopus kites
Giant Kites and LED Kites at Marina Barrage Singapore
(Starts at 1:42 in order to highlight a giant Durian-shaped kite)

See also: the Spiky Bol FG-003 at
World’s Biggest Giant Kite Festival in Japan | Craziest Things In The World
(800 kg kite made from bamboo and paper)
Cool kites You’ve never seen before with footage – UTTRAYAN Special… by ITOPINGS
(Dragon kite, Octopus kite, Blue whale kite, Horse kite, Lizard kite, etc.)
Day of the Dead, Giant Kite Festival | Sumpango, Guatemala
Washington State International Kite Festival 2014 Giant Kites
Alexander Graham Bell Thought the Future of Flight was Giant Kites

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