Good Posture

We all know we are supposed to have good posture. But why? And what is good posture? What does good posture do, or help?

The benefits of good posture – Murat Dalkilinç
The PERFECT 10 Minute Daily Posture Routine (FIX YOUR SIT!)
How to Fix Your Posture in 4 Moves! (PERMANENTLY)
Fix Your Posture In Just 5 Minutes!
Improve Your Posture | 3 Exercises Only!
How to Fix Forward Head | Slumped Posture (PERMANENTLY!)
1-Minute Exercises To Improve Posture and Reduce Back Pain
The Human Back Is A Design Disaster – Cheddar Explores

Tongue Posture?

Attractive Face or Not? It depends on Tongue Posture
I Tried to Scientifically Test Mewing – 30 Day Before & After

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