Guillotines – Amazing and dreadful history of an iconic device

The Guillotine is a rather gruesome but effective form of execution, in which a large, sharp, heavy blade drops several meters to slice off the victim’s head instantly.

The Guillotine – Worst Punishments in the History of Mankind
What It Was Like to Witness the Guillotine

Building a real Guillotine

We Built a REAL Guillotine!

Guillotine Facts

Top 10 Facts About The Guillotine
A demonstration of the guillotine – French Revolution

The effectiveness of the Guillotine

Real Guillotine vs. 100 Bananas & Other Fruits!
Papillion (1973) – Guillotine

Does the head remain conscious for any length of time?

How Long Does A Severed Head Remain Conscious? | Random Thursday
How Long did a Person Stay Alive after being Guillotined?

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