Head Transplants

Can we actually do a head transplants, placing one person’s head on another person’s body?

World’s First Head Transplant: What’s Involved?
Will 2017 see the first successful human head transplant? | The Economist
World’s First Head Transplant Recipient Wants A Better Life | Good Morning Britain
What Happened to the Head Transplant?
Head Transplantation: The Future Is Now | Dr.Sergio Canavero | TEDxLimassol
Scientists Want to Transplant a Human Head, Here’s Why That’s a Bad Idea
Human head transplant to happen in China

Head Transplants in Monkeys

A Monkey Head Transplant (Part 1/2)
Dark Matters – Whole Head Transplant

Head Transplants in Mice

Cutting-Edge Science: Head Transplants on Mice

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