Ion Thrusters

Ion Thrusters are often used on satellites and small spacecraft like the Dawn Mission. There is even an Ion Thruster on the International Space Station to help keep it in orbit. Ion Thrusters have not yet been used for manned missions, but that may change soon.

The X3 Ion Thruster Is Here, This Is How It’ll Get Us to Mars
(Could soon be used on manned space missions)
How Do Ion Engines Work? The Most Efficient Propulsion System Out There
We Reached The Next Mind Blowing Era of Ion Engine Propulsion
Why Do Ion Thrusters Use Xenon? KSP Doesn’t Teach…..

Hall Effect Thrusters

The Electric Thruster That Could Send Humans to Mars

The VASIMR engine is a much larger form of ion engine, using a plasma. It might require a nuclear power plant to generate enough electricity.

The VASIMR Engine: How to Get to Mars in 40 Days

Ion Propusion has also been demonstrated with airplanes

Ion Propulsion – The Plane With No Moving Parts
Ion drive: The first flight

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