Israel’s Iron Dome – Amazing system for intercepting incoming missiles

When Hamas or Syria launches a missile at Israel today, chances are that the missile will be intercepted by a sophisticated anti-missile system called Iron Dome. Iron Dome launches its own anti-missile missile to intercept an incoming missile. The performance of Iron Dome has been spectacular but not perfect, so the occasional missile makes it to the ground intact and hits a target. How does Iron Dome work? Let’s take a look.

How Israel’s Iron Dome Actually Works
“It turned on in 2011 with a 97% success rate”
Iron Dome from RAFAEL Advanced Defense Systems Ltd.
How Israel’s Iron Dome Rocket Defense System Works
What is an Iron Dome? The invisible shield protecting Israel | Palestine | Hamas rockets | West Asia

In May 2021, hundreds of rockets were coming into Israel

Israel’s Iron Dome defence intercepts scores of Gaza rockets in skies above Tel Aviv
Israel Unrest: Hamas launches rocket attack on Tel Aviv

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