Justin Bieber

Love him or hat him, there is no question that Justin Beiber is one of the most famous and popular singers in the history of singing. And it all started with a few homemade videos his mother posted on Youtube in 2007.

The beginning of Justin Bieber as a star

This is the first video uploaded to the Justin Bieber Youtube channel, January 20, 2007:

Justin Singing So Sick by Ne-yo
The Star of Stratford, Canada- Justin Bieber (before he was famous)
How Justin Bieber was Discovered
Justin Bieber – First time on Television – 100 Huntley Street
Baby Justin Bieber First Concert X Factor USA (Video_EditionLimited)

Justin Bieber biography

FULL Story Of Justin Bieber! (Avalanna, Selena Gomez, the rise, the fall, the comeback)
Justin Bieber: Rise to Fame (FULL MOVIE)
Justin Bieber: His Life Story
What`s Really Caused Justin Bieber`s Breakdowns? |⭐ OSSA

Top Songs of Justin Bieber

Top 10 Justin Bieber Songs
Best of Justin Bieber – Justin Bieber Greatest Hits Full Album
top 25 justin bieber songs

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