Learn to: Play the Guitar

Learning to play the guitar can be a great thing. Not only are you creating music, maybe entertaining your friends, and you have also found a great way to relax.

Every Phase of a Guitar Player’s Life
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Guitar Lessons for Beginners in 21 days #1 | How to play guitar for beginners
5 Things Every Beginner Guitarist SHOULD Learn
5 Things I Wish I Knew As A Beginner Guitarist
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Easy Guitar Songs For Beginners – Stand By Me
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Play TEN guitar songs with two EASY chords | Beginners first guitar lesson
TOP 30 songs for ACOUSTIC guitar!


I Did the “Spider Walk” for 30 Days (THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED!)
3 Exercises to Practice EVERY DAY To Improve Your Guitar Playing | Lesson – How To – Tutorial
The best FINGER EXERCISE ever. (Try at own risk…)
Everyday Practice Techniques for the Intermediate Player

Guitars on Talent Shows

Unbelievable Guitarist SHOCKS Judges on America’s Got Talent 2019 | Kids Got Talent
Homeless Contestant Changes His Life With FLAWLESS Audition!
5 Amazing Acoustic Covers on Got Talent

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