Library Takeout Song Phenomenon

In October of 2020 a very strange thing happened – a music video uploaded to the Duke University Library web site went viral on Reddit, scoring more than half a million views in one day. This is that video:

Library Takeout

It is funny that this video went viral given that:

  • The lyrics describe a process for checking books out from the library because of COVID-19. What could be more boring than that?
  • The images used to illustrate the video are drawn with crayons and are as amateurish as possible.
  • Releasing a music video on a library website is not the traditional route for music releases.

Where did this this song come from? This article in the Duke Chronicle explains that one inspiration was this library takeout video from the Nashville Public Library, featuring a rat puppet singing a revised version of the song “Ice Ice baby”:

“Curb Side, Baby” | What You Need to Know about NPL’s Curbside Service

Many other libraries have tried other ways to describe their takeout and curbside services:

Library Takeout at the Curbside
Meet Curbside Larry
Library Curbside Pickup

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