Locusts can be pests because they eat farm crops. In sufficient numbers they become a plague and can strip fields bare for many miles. In 2020 locusts arrived in East Africa in four waves and are causing significant destruction, threatening the lives of millions of people.

Locusts in Africa and Asia in 2020

Why locusts are descending on East Africa
What’s caused an outbreak of desert locusts in East Africa and South Asia? | Inside Story
Fighting a locust plague amid Covid-19 in east Africa
Swarm of Crop-Eating Locusts Leave A Trail of Destruction Across India
India and Pakistan face worst locust plague in 30 years

Locusts in North America

The Great North American Locust Plague
Why are there so many insects? – Murry Gans
(10 quintillion insects on Earth)
What Happens In Vegas: Swarm Of Grasshoppers Take Over Sin City | NBC Nightly News

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