It is possible to go through life being mediocre, or average. What does this look like, and what are the effects? There is actually a lot to say about mediocrity, as seen here. See also Success.

Why Most People Will Remain in Mediocrity
Why Passivity Breeds Mediocrity and Mental Illness
This is Why Most People Remain in Mediocrity (Why most people don’t succeed)
How to Avoid a Mediocre Life

Examples from Film

What The Incredibles Teaches Us About Mediocrity
Jason Bourne & The Curse Of Mediocrity | Anatomy Of A Failure


Malcolm Gladwell Says Mediocrity is Underrated | Conversations with Tyler
Average is Awesome: Embracing Mediocrity as the Key to Success | Jeroen van Baar | TEDxAUCollege

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