Meeting of Waters or Encontro das Águas

Where the Amazon River enters the Rio Negro river on their way to the ocean, there is an amazing meeting of the waters. The two rivers have very different colors and do not initially mix with each other. Wikipedia puts it this way:

The Meeting of Waters (PortugueseEncontro das Águas) is the confluence between the dark (blackwaterRio Negro and the pale sandy-colored (whitewaterAmazon River, referred to as the Solimões River in Brazil upriver of this confluence. For 6 km (3.7 mi) the two rivers’ waters run side by side without much mixing. It is one of the main tourist attractions of Manaus, Brazil.[1]

From the air it looks like this:

Encontro das Águas – Rio Negro e Rio Solimões
“Meeting of the waters” Twin Rivers of Brazil

The same thing happens where the Fraser River in Vancouver (Canada) enters the ocean

Fresh Water Meets Sea Water – Boundary Explained

Where the Atlantic and Pacific oceans meet at Cape Horn, there is a similar divide but not as dramatic:
Why the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans Don’t Mix
Why do the two oceans not mix ? | Atlantic and Pacific | Gulf of Alaska

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