Novichok (Nerve Toxin)

Novichok is a nerve agent developed in Russia and used in several high-profile poisoning events that gained worldwide attention.

What is Novichok?

What is the Novichok nerve agent? (“5 times more deadly than VX”)
#Novichok and Nerve Agents Neurophysiology and Treatment
The man who made Novichok – BBC News

Background on Sarin and VX nerve agents for comparison

What is Sarin Gas?
What Is VX Nerve Agent? | History
VX nerve agent – Periodic Table of Videos
VX Nerve Agent Could Be Easily Transported

The Alexei Navalny incident in 2020

Navalny poison ‘without doubt’ a type of novichok
Alexei Navalny: Russian opposition leader ‘poisoned with Novichok’ – BBC News
Merkel Seeks Answers From Russia After Putin Opponent Poisoned

The Sergei Skripal and Yulia Skripal incident in the city of Salisbury, England in 2018

The Russian Scientist Who Helped Create The Toxin That Poisoned A Spy In Britain (HBO)
Salisbury Novichok victim wants answers as city declared clear of nerve agent | ITV News

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