Nuclear Bomb Deterrence/Defense

Nuclear bombs and nuclear war represent an existential threat to human beings. One nuclear bomb can destroy an entire city. A nuclear war with hundreds of bombs would plunge the planet into a nuclear winter scenario and a mass extinction event. Is there a way to stop the nuclear threat?

Ending Nuclear War – How to stop a nuclear bomb
Which Countries Can Defend Against Nuclear Missiles?
(Which countries have nuclear bombs?)
This Is How USA Military Plans On Stopping Nuclear Attacks
How Would We Stop a Nuclear Missile?
SBIRS Mission Overview – Lockheed Martin
NATO – Ballistic Missile Defence Overview (animation)
ABM Multiple Kill Vehicle (MKV)

Why Missile Defense Can Be Difficult

Missile Defense Countermeasures

Aegis missile defense system

Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense System: Our best defense against ballistic missiles? | SITREP
Aegis: Capable. Proven. Deployed.

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