Nuclear Bombs

The bombing of Hiroshima in WWII shows that even a “small” nuclear bomb can have a devastating effect. If you would like to see how differently sized nukes affect a city or a nation, Nukemap can help:

These videos help you understand how nuclear bombs work:

What if We Nuke a City?
Hiroshima: Dropping The Bomb – Hiroshima
Hydrogen Bomb: How it Works – in detail. Atomic vs Nuclear
From the video’s description: “The bomb on Hiroshima released the energy equivalent of 15,000 tons of TNT. The first hydrogen bomb released the energy equivalent of 10,000,000 tons of TNT.”
The Terrifying True Scale of Nuclear Weapons
From the video’s description: “Nuclear weapons have come a long way and come in all types of different sizes. Some are relatively small while others are enormous, so big they boggle the mind at what they can be capable of. This video analyzes the sizes and impacts of various different nuclear devices, the history of nuclear weapons and what countries in the world are in possession of such devices.”
How a U.S. Nuclear Strike Actually Works
From the video’s description: “What would happen if the president of the United States wanted to launch a nuclear weapon? Here are the steps the commander-in-chief would need to take.”
How to Launch a Nuclear Missile
America’s Backpack Nuke – The Littlest Boy
From the video’s description: “Many have heard of Little Boy and Fat Man, the nuclear weapons that were dropped on Japan in World War II, but not everyone has heard about the Littlest Boy. The bombs dropped then were designed for mass destruction, and the immense human toll has so far prevented nuclear weapons from being used in combat since then. Instead, the Littlest Boy was built for smaller-scale, recurring combat. It was a tiny but still deadly nuclear device that was crafted by the United States in the 1960s during the booming age of nuclear development and design.”

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