Nuclear Submarines – Amazing mini-cities underwater 6 to 12 months

Nuclear Submarines are some of the most sophisticated machines developed by human beings. They are able to run underwater for 6 months at a time because of their onboard nuclear reactors. They often carry nuclear missiles.

The Largest Submarine in The U.S. Navy
Living Underwater: How Submarines Work
Typhoon – the largest submarine ever
The US Builds A New Submarine The World Is Afraid Of
(Virginia Class submarines)
How a Single Swedish Submarine Defeated the US Navy
The High-Tech Hunt for Russian Submarines
Top 10 Biggest Submarines in the World
Total Submarine Strength by Country – Military Power Comparison
Why Submarine Battle Is Extremely Tricky
How Do Submarines Dive and Surface?
How Deep Can A Submarine Go?

Nuclear Reactors on Submarines

Why Aircraft Carriers and Submarines are Nuclear Powered
Declassified Nuclear Submarine Design Secrets

Looking Inside

A rare look inside nuclear powered submarine USS Florida | Nightline
USS Toledo – “Life on Board”
Funny Submarine Rules Keep Sailors Sane
Why Living On A Submarine Sucks
Boarding a US NAVY NUCLEAR SUBMARINE in the Arctic – Smarter Every Day 240
Submarine food demo

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