Oysters are expensive today, but used to be so common that they were practically free. Environmental damage and overfishing have made oysters very rare.

Why Oysters Are So Expensive
Why We Eat Oysters Alive
OYSTERS | How It’s Made
The Right Way to Eat Oysters – Stop Eating it Wrong, Episode 8

Pearls in Oysters

How and Why Do Oysters Make Pearls?
Formation of a Pearl | Secret Life of Pearls
Video on how pearls are formed Naturally

Oyster Reefs

How One Group Is Restoring Thousands Of Oysters To The New York Harbor
The Incredible Oyster Reef
The Science of Oysters
The Amazing Oyster Reef

Oyster Farming

Making Oyster Babies on the Barnegat Bay
Where Do Oysters Come From?
What Does It Take to Raise A Perfect Oyster? — Shokunin
What It Takes to Farm 10,000 Oysters a Week in Freezing Temperatures — How to Make It

History of Oysters

Chesapeake Bay Oysters: Part I – History of Oysters
Common Ground: Saving the Chesapeake’s Oysters

More Info on Corals and Reefs

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