Paris, one of the most famous cities in the world, also known as the city of lights.

The major landmarks

10 best places to see in Paris
Paris France
A Walk in Paris – Timelapse project
10 interesting things to do in Paris (Hidden Gem)

Food in Paris

Epic Paris Food Tour
48 HOURS IN PARIS ft. Secret Bars, Bakeries & Cheese – Our alternative guide.
5 Amazing Restaurants To Try in Paris
Leaving Cheap in Paris – The One Euro Meal Challenge
Grocery Shopping in France

Getting around in Paris

How to Get Around Paris on a Budget | Paris Metro, Navigo, and Maps
How To Use the Paris Metro 
20 Essential Paris France Travel Tips

History of Paris

The Entire History of France in 23 Minutes

Two hater videos on Paris

Paris: The Biggest Tourist Scams in Paris
Things I hate about living in Paris

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