Plastic Injection Molding – Amazing process to make plastic products

Many of the objects around us are made via plastic injection molding processes. Everything from LEGO bricks to bottle caps are injection molded to precise shapes. Here is how it happens. See also Recycled Plastic Bricks.

Plastic Injection Molding
Plastic Processing Overview
desktop injection molding machine Настольный Мини термопласт тпа
Precious Plastic – at work
Precious Plastic – The basics of plastic (part 2.1)
Plastics Injection Molding: Step-By-Step at the Factory – Field Notes

Injection Molding Molds

How It’s Made Plastic injection molds
Machining an INJECTION MOLD!

Making LEGO bricks

LEGO Bricks In The Making
How LEGO Bricks Are Made

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