Quilling – Amazing 3-dimensional art

Quilling is a craft and an artform – a way to produce dimensional artwork using colored paper. Advanced work like this Quilling version of Starry Night show the levels that Quilling can achieve. Quilling can also take many different forms, like the rose and the valentine box shown on this page.

The Basics

Paper Quilling for Beginners
Basic Paper Quilling for Beginners

Starry Night – Two Different Techniques

Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh – Quilling Animation
The Starry Night – A Noite Estrelada Van Gogh

Quilling How To

35 Paper Quilling Shapes: Art & Craft Tutorials by HandiWorks
14 Quilling Tools Demo & How to Use Basic Quilling Tools | Tutorial
How to make your own Quilling Strips/ Handmade Quilling Strips
How do roses with a strip of paper (type quilling)
Quilling Gift Box Ideas| DIY Heart for Valentine | HandiWorks #53
How To Make Beautiful Quilling Photo Frame | Easy Craft Ideas
Quilling Birds
How To Make A Dragonfly Using Paper Art Quilling

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