Redwood trees are magnificent, almost unbelievable. There are two kinds: the giant sequoia (larger by volume) and the coast redwood (larger by height). Because they are so amazing, many people love the remaining Redwoods, which we are lucky to have because almost all of the Redwoods were cut down and turned into lumber.

Giants of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park
The Biggest Trees in the World ! How big it could be ?!
Unknown Sequoia National Park
Why the Giant Sequoia Needs Fire to Grow
Saving Giant Sequoia Seeds for the Future
The Tallest Trees on Earth – 4K Nature Documentary Film | Redwood National and State Parks
Building the Metropolis (of Los Angeles)
(a great discussion of everything made out of Redwood trees when they were being logged actively)
One Man’s Mission to Revive the Last Redwood Forests
Top 5 BIGGEST Trees on Earth
Experience the Magic of Redwood National Park
How fast does a REDWOOD GROW ?
Redwoods vs Giant Sequoias – What’s the Difference?
Redwoods: The Tallest Trees

Logging of the Redwoods

Redwood Logging | 1946 | Documentary on the Giant Redwood Lumber Industry in California
California Redwoods – Big Trees History and Clear Cutting

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