Refugee Camps – housing thousands of people without homes

Next to Slums, refugee camps are a human tragedy at the highest level. In most cases, displaced people are living in squalor by the millions in refugee camps.

Dadaab Refugee Camp in Eastern Kenya, the world’s largest refugee camp

Inside Dadaab, the 200,000-person refugee camp | DW News
Dadaab: Growing up in the world’s largest refugee camp
Life Inside The World’s Largest Refugee Camp (2011)

Moria Refugee Camp in Greece, considered to be the worst

‘The worst refugee camp on earth’ – BBC News
Terror at the Moria refugee camp | DW Documentary
Thousands of refugees homeless after fire destroys Moria camp
Fresh fires at Greece’s largest refugee camp Moria | DW News

Al Hol Refugee Camp, for ISIS Refugees

‘We’re going to slaughter you’: The children of Syria’s IS camp
ISIS Wives Speak Out: Inside Syria’s Notorious Al Hol Camp | The Dispatch

Turkey Refugee Camps

Turkey world’s top host for refugees; many want to stay
Drone footage shows scale of refugee camp on Turkey-Syria border
Life of a Syrian Family in Islahiye Camp, Turkey

Other camps

Top 10 Largest Refugee Camps in Africa
UN Refugee Agency UNHCR: More than 70 million people displaced worldwide | DW News
Syrian Children – Refugee Camp Niroz | UNICEF

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