Remove Bats from Attic or Chimney

Bats can get into your attic or chimney and cause big problems because of their poop (guano). They can cause bad smells, rotting, property damage, ruined insulation and so on. If bats are flying around your house, you have potential exposure to rabies and other diseases. Bats are a mess. Once you know you have bats, you need to get rid of them fast/quickly. Here are several techniques you can try if you are a DIY type of person, or call a service to come eliminate your bats. These same ideas will work on squirrels, flying squirrels, rats, mice, etc.

Bat Cone and Procone Installation
Bat Removal Using One Way Door – Charlotte, NC
How To Get Rid of Bats, The Right Way!
Bat Extruders: How to Get Bats Out of Your Attic
(Talks about the legalities of removing bats at different times of year)

You also must get rid of guano/poop

Attic Cleanout | Bat Guano and Contamination Removal | Fort Wayne, Indiana

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