Romain Grosjean’s Formula 1 Crash – amazing, unbelievable crash and fire and he survives

In 2019 Romain Grosjean was involved in an unbelievable crash and fire and incredibly he survived with just a few injuries. The crash should have killed him, or the fire should have killed him but in an amazing turn of events he walked out of the fire under his own power. Post-crash investigations will change the design of F1 cars and tracks to prevent this from ever happening again.

Grosjean’s Insane Fireball Crash | Formula 1: Drive To Survive S3
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EXCLUSIVE! Romain Grosjean reveals how he escaped horrific fireball crash
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Grosjean uncut full crash and Rescue through the fire in Bahrain 2020 Formula 1


NEW Grosjean 3D Crash Animation + 8 unseen angles! | F1 2020 Bahrain GP
Grosjean 3D Crash Animation – F1 Bahrain 2020

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