Saffron – One of the world’s most expensive spices

Saffron is well known as the world’s most expensive spice. It can cost thousands of dollars per pound. Why is it this expensive?

Why Saffron Is The World’s Most Expensive Spice
Why Real Saffron Is So Expensive | So Expensive
This is the World’s Most Expensive Spice | National Geographic

Testing for real saffron

How to Test Saffron: Fake vs Pure Saffron
How to recognize REAL Safron…

Grow your own saffron

How to Grow Saffron
Saffron Growing in Canada
How I Grow The Worlds Most Expensive Spice at Home, Saffron Crocus

Medicinal uses of Saffron
Control blood pressure, cholesterol and prevent heart diseases with saffron
Saffron Health Benefits

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