Salmon are both an iconic species, famous for their return to the rivers where they originally spawned, as well as an important source of food. Salmon farming produces millions of tons of salmon every year.

The Epic Journey – Follow a Salmon from Egg to Spawner.
The Salmon’s Life Mission | Destination WILD
Millions of Salmon Return Home | National Geographic
I am salmon
What’s the Difference? Atlantic vs. Pacific Salmon

Eating Salmon

Wild Salmon or Farmed Salmon? Which is Better? | Serving Up Science
Science: How Wild Salmon Differs from Farmed Salmon and How to Cook Salmon to the Right Temperature
The Truth About How Smoked Salmon Is Made

Salmon Farming

Salmon Farming In BC
Salmon Farms – Growing Fish Sustainably
Growing salmon and leafy greens in Wisconsin and in the dead of winter
Gravitas: Boom in Salmon Farming in Dubai
The Salmon Farm of the Future?
Land-based Salmon Farming Basics

Complaints with Salmon Farming

Norway’s Salmon Farming Crisis | The Fish on My Plate | FRONTLINE
The Problem with Farmed Salmon | Global 3000
Farmed Norwegian Salmon World’s Most Toxic Food
Salmon Confidential, Documentary About Salmon Farms in Canada & Diseased Salmon
Artifishal (Full Film) | The Fight to Save Wild Salmon

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