Schwebebahn – Amazing German Elevated Train operating since 1901

In 1901 in the town of Wuppertal, Germany the inhabitants build an amazing (both then and now) elevated train system that is called Schwebebahn. The system is 13 kilometers long and has 20 stations. There is a film taken in 1902 that shows the system in operation, preserved by MOMA:

The Flying Train (1902) | MoMA FILM VAULT SUMMER CAMP

The system is still in operation, as shown and described in these two videos:

Schwebebahn: Why Wuppertal’s Trains Are Much Cooler Than Yours
Wuppertal, Germany Schwebebahn

The system carries 80,000 people (!) per day today, but not everyone is a fan:

Why Wuppertal’s Suspended Monorail Wasn’t The Future Of Travel

This is not the only elevated train system in Germany. For example, here is the system at Dortmund University:

Dortmund University Germany H-Bahn POV at 3x TU [4K,60fps]
Dortmund University H-Bahn Monorail [4K]
Why TU Dortmund University?

The same kind of H-Bahn elevated train can be found at the Düsseldorf International Airport:

Düsseldorf International Airport H-Bahn SkyTrain Monorail
Düsseldorf Flughafen SkyTrain

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