Shipping containers

Shipping Containers revolutionized the shipping industry, allowing a huge amount of automation to be applied to the shipping industry. Today, nearly everything shipped on the ocean comes in a shipping container. The cost savings have been enormous.

How a Steel Box Changed the World: A Brief History of Shipping
Containerization: The Most Influential Invention That You’ve Never Heard Of
How Containerization Shaped the Modern World

Container ships

Unique Look Inside One of the Biggest Container Ships in the World | Richard Hammond’s Big
Meet the enormous boats that carry your stuff

Manufacturing shipping containers
container production
Shipping Container Manufacture
How Shipping Containers Are Made (HD) – BigSteelBox (Extended Version)

Buying shipping containers

Tips for Buying a New or Used Shipping Container
The COST and things to look for when buying a SHIPPING CONTAINER! E4
Where to BUY a Shipping Container | New & Used
How To Buy Shipping Containers Online WesternContainerSales com 720p
What size Shipping Containers can you purchase?

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