Siberia is one of the coldest places on Earth occupied by humans, because a good part of Siberia is in the Arctic Circle. It is also gigantic, with more than 5 million square miles. It contains a huge forest and some of the wildest places on Earth.

Siberia, the Coldest and Wildest Place on Earth – Documentary
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Trans-Siberian Railway Explained | Route, Map, Cities, Countries
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The future of Russia’s forests
Siberian Logging
5 largest forest fires of 21st century after Siberian fire in 2019

Permafrost in Siberia

5 Mysterious Things Found in Siberia
14 Most Amazing Permafrost Discoveries from Siberia
Climate change in Siberia: Melting permafrost wakes slumbering threat | DW News
The Permafrost Mystery: scientists explore giant Yamal Sinkhole
Siberia: The Melting Permafrost | ARTE Documentary

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